For a large part of my life, I would have described myself as an introvert, inadvertently but also actively limiting my social experiences while at the same time craving them. After all this time, I’m fed up of being shy and so I’m determined to increase my confidence and expand my social circles. This blog is (hopefully) the story of me becoming who I want to be.


The context:

I’ve never considered myself as having many friends. Sure, there were always people I’d talk to in school, people I was friendly with and had a laugh with in class, but I never saw them asĀ friends. Yeah, it makes no sense, but I’m shy so I’ve never felt comfortable approaching them outside class, or messaging them on Facebook, and would never ever have met up with them outside school. And I always thought that was pretty normal; it never bothered me. Until now.

Right now, just starting to create this blog, it’s the beginning of the summer holidays after my first year of university, between the beginning of June and the end of September – the longest break I’ve had so far. I stay in contact with very few people from school, meaning that these four months are pretty daunting in terms of the potential for loneliness and boredom. And because of that, I’m determined to change, and to enjoy this summer as much as I should.

I know that there is no quick fix to my life-long shyness, and that it won’t be easy, and that’s why I’ve decided to write this blog – to keep a record of my attempts, my ups and downs, to have evidence of my successes, and maybe even to help others like me know that you’re not alone. Because I know that there are others like me struggling in silence. But we don’t have to.